After Seven Months of Virtual Bootcamp, I Can See Muscle Definition in My Arms

Friday, November 24, 2023

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By Dency Daniels.

When everything in life becomes hectic, diet and exercise always fall by the wayside. Hello, my name is Dency and I got tired of saying “I used to do that”. I used to do exercise classes or I used to train for half marathons or 10 milers. Excuses were the easy part: “I’m so tired”, I don’t like doing videos and of course the pandemic became the best excuse of all.

As a diabetic (15 years) who is on multiple meds for it, a family history of heart disease, and my 50th birthday just around the corner, I really needed and wanted to make a change. That’s when I heard about Walter and his boot camps from some veterans who have been working out with him for years. I am so glad I decided to try it and attempt to make that change.

My main goal was to get my A1c number down and I have achieved that by committing to getting to class every day. Let me tell you, it was not easy because in my first class with Walter I threw up, but, I went right back to finish that class afterward. Some days, it’s really hard to get up for that morning class, or work gets in the way of making it to the evening class, but I kept trying.

Fast forward 7 months, my A1c is down, I can now actually do push-ups which I was never able to do, I am stronger, and I can actually see some muscle definition on my arms. So Thank you Walter, and look out 50, here I come!!!

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