Appropriate Gear for Running or Speed Walking Your First 5K

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

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Here's what you need:
1. Footwear
Many people underestimate the importance of a good pair of running shoes. However, failing to invest in shoes that are appropriate for your foot and gait can leave you with blisters, pain, and injuries. To find the best shoe for your feet, you have to know what type of arch you have. The three main types of foot arches are neutral, high, and flat.

Neutral: This is also known as medium arches. The neutral arches are the most biomechanically efficient and will naturally support body weight. The middle part of the arch is about half filled, and the arch rolls in, or pronates, under normal load.

High: This is also known as cavus foot and is higher than normal. These arches are more rigid than other types and absorb force loads from walking, running, and jumping instead of distributing them evenly. When weight bearing, there is more space between the floor and the arch. High arches can cause excessive strain on joints and muscles.

Flat: This is also known as low arches or flat feet. These arches can be flexible or rigid and may collapse when walking or running. Flat arches can cause overpronation, which can lead to bunions, plantar fasciitis, and heel pain.

To determine the type of arch you have, do a wet test.
Wet the bottom of your foot in water, then step onto a piece of cardboard or heavy paper. The amount of your arch that shows in the footprint indicates your arch type:

Neutral or normal arch: The middle of your arch is about half filled in, with a noticeable curve. This is the most common arch type.

Flat arch:
Your footprint looks like a complete foot, with little to no arch. Flat arches may collapse when you walk or run.

High arch:
You see little of your footprint, and the line from your ankle to your heel tilts inward as it approaches your heel. High arches can strain your joints and muscles, and make it difficult for your feet to absorb shock.

Best Running Shoe for High Arches
a. Asics Nova Blast 
b. Skechers GoRUN Max Road 6 
c. Nike Vaporfly 3 
d. Brooks Glycerin 21 
e. Hoka Clifton 9 ​

2. Fitness Tracker
In our Virtual Couch to 5K Run/Speed walking program, we use fitness trackers to keep clients motivated and accountable. A fitness tracker allows members to keep track of total steps, calories burned, and see their progress on our leaderboard in the WLFS Step challenge. Fitness Trackers, we highly recommend are:

a. Apple Watch 
b. FitBit 
c. Samsung Watch

3. Hydration Running/Walking Pack 
Whether you’re an experienced long-distance runner, new to the running world, or speed walker for distance, you have definitely come across the issue of how to stay hydrated during your run. Wearing a hydration is very important and convenient for helping you stay hydrated. Hydration belts can do a lot more than just holding a small water bottle: They offer space for your keys, phone, and a few small essentials to carry on your run or speed walk.

Here are two recommendations.
• Fitletic Hydration Running Belt with Water Bottles for Men & Women – 2 Quick Flow 8oz Running Water Bottles, Patented Bounce Free Design, Water Resistant Pouch Fits All Phones – 

• AONIJIE Running Hydration Vest Backpack for Women and Men Lightweight Trail Running Backpack 5.5L Gray 

4. Sports Bra
Often times, women avoid running because of their bust size. Racer backs are great for running because you don’t have to worry about the straps sliding down your shoulders. In addition, bras with ventilation will help keep you cool and avoid irritation. You want the bra to be snug enough to keep your girls in check, but not so tight that it cuts into your sides. Here are two recommendations.

Yvette Sports Bra High Impact Adjustable Criss Cross Back, Full Support for Large Bust No Bounce

• Wingslove High Impact Sports Bras for Women Plus Size Non Padded Wirefree Workout Bra Bounce Control. 

8. Ice pack/heating pad for joint and pain relief
Cold and heat therapies are both effective for enhancing muscle recovery and reducing muscle damage; and for reducing joint pain. Recommendation.

Sunbeam Heating Pad Wrap for Joint Pain Relief with Frozen Pack, Auto Shut Off and Moist Heating

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