At Age 59 – I Lost 17 Pounds in 42 Days

Friday, November 24, 2023

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By Ramona S.

On Memorial Day this year, I weighed 217 lbs. Today, October 25, 2021, I weigh 175 lbs! During the 42 Day Challenge, I dropped a total of 17 lbs and 11 inches! My husband participated in the 42 Day Challenge with me and achieved his goal weight. More importantly, I feel GREAT, and I can see results! And I’m not done yet!

Here’s what it took for me get results within 42 days. I purchased the Advocare 10 Day cleanse system, spark, protein shake, and omega plex. Along with doing the 10 day cleanse supplements, I followed Walter’s 10 day cleanse and 42 day meal plans. Also, I participated in the live virtual workouts, and joined Walter for a 1-on-1 coaching session once a week.

Walter, thank you so much for your dedication to getting folks in shape! You are a true leader and an amazing coach and trainer. I look forward to my continued journey to great health as I’m coming closer to my 60th year (Dec. 2022!) on this planet!! You ROCK!!

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Walter Lewis

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