I Lost 63 Pounds From Virtual Bootcamp and the Body Transformation Challenge

Friday, November 24, 2023

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Memorial Day, 2021, I weighed 217 lbs. I felt stuck, with no solution in sight. In June 2021, after seeing the results of Ms. Pat Z., another of Walter’s clients, I decided I wanted to look and feel as strong as she did. She looked amazing (and still does!)!

I started Walter’s 42-Day Transformation Challenge in September 2021. Best decision ever! I started the program wearing a size 18 jeans, XL/1X tops. I’ve always enjoyed exercising, but I struggled with eating healthy foods regularly. During the 42 Day Challenge, Walter taught me how to eat clean, tasty foods. I also participated in his virtual fitness classes at least six days a week, in addition to walking/running a couple of times a week on my own. It was tough in the beginning, but consistently exercising and eating well made it easier as time passed. At the end of 42 days, I was down 17 lbs., 11 inches overall, and wearing a size 12 jeans! I had flatter abs and my legs were smaller and stronger than before. I felt great!!

After the Challenge, I continued to take the virtual fitness classes, and maintained healthy eating habits. More importantly, I changed my mindset about food and exercise, and the way I talked to myself: positive input helped get me the results I enjoy now. As of today, I and down 63 pounds and I weigh 153 lbs. I wear a size 10 bottoms and Medium tops/dresses! I am stronger, and run faster/longer than before, and my clothes fit loosely and comfortably.

Working out daily (except on Sundays when I may take a leisurely walk) and eating balanced, healthy meals help me maintain my current fitness level. Do I eat my favorites from time to time? ABSOLUTELY! But I still eat healthy foods 80- 90% of the time, and exercise for me is like brushing my teeth! I love being able to wake up, go to my workout spot, and connect with Walter and the other fitness warriors virtually! Having that support from them makes it fun and easy to work out regularly. They are inspiring!! And when I can’t make it “live,” I will choose one of his many previously recorded workout sessions on the Walter Lewis Fitness website to do at my leisure. This is a Win-Win for sure!! I am so grateful!

Thanks to Walter’s amazing program, and his positive coaching and attitude, I will enter my 60th year of life in the best shape I’ve been in since high school!! Thank you, Walter, for inspiring me to be the best I can be!! For me, this way of life is my “new normal!”

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