Mother and Daughter Achieve Significant Results in Their Virtual Workouts Together

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Primary Blog/Mother and Daughter Achieve Significant Results in Their Virtual Workouts Together

Sarah’s Story

I started virtual bootcamp in December 2021 after feeling like my work out routines were going stagnate. As a full-time working mom, I have constantly tried to fit in healthy eating habits and work out routines that I can enjoy and that fit my schedule. I have watched my mom's transformation over years of working closely with Walter. Pre-COVID I had even joined a few Boot Camps at the gym with her myself. I came to the realization that my mom is very strong and had kept up a healthy lifestyle and I wanted to be like her too! She motivated me to give the virtual boot camps a try, just by offering for me to join. I have been attending classes at least 2-4 times a week and finding the difference the classes have made in my health. My kids enjoy seeing Grammy and I work out together and they note how challenging the work outs are, they are impressed with our strength.

The results I see are more energy, healthy and clear mind, decrease in stress level, better sleep, significant muscle gains. I can run further on my weekly runs, I play hockey on an adult league, and I have the strength without feeling winded. I am complimented on my tone by friends and colleagues. I have stayed at a consistent weight and know if I changed my weekend habits (like during the cleanse) the results are there for trimming my waistline.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the consistent schedule, the real time feedback, the ability to complete a workout later if needed, the community, the variety of options such as challenges, eating healthy tips, cleanses as a group and informational calls. The program provides knowledge, support, and a full package of opportunities to make healthy changes.

Having a personal trainer ready to help in any area of my health journey and is invested in where I want to focus truly makes the difference in my continued consistency. The affordability is another huge factor for our household.

Walter, thank you for continuing to support my journey and thank you Mom for being the additional support system for me!

Harriett’s Story

I joined the virtual Bootcamp several months into the COVID pandemic after I realized that I wasn’t keeping up with training on my own and I was really missing the results of the in-person sessions. I was also missing the camaraderie from the sessions at the gym. My weight had crept up and I didn’t have the energy that I had once had, so I needed to do something. Walter also convinced me that the virtual sessions really would work on my cellphone. Thanks for the encouragement to try them out, Walter!

I believe that my participation is much more consistent since I’m not trying to rush from work to the gym and park. I can just hop up from my work laptop and join a virtual session. I immediately noticed that my muscle tone was returning along with improved stamina and reduced feelings of stress and tension. I guess I would say that I’ve had a sense of overall well-being.

As I mentioned above, I love the sense of community and camaraderie. It’s also so easy to work the sessions into all that I have going on. A great plus is having access to the recordings when I can’t make a live session. Also, super affordability!! Walter, your positive attitude, and constant encouragement are a huge plus! It’s easy to tell how much you truly care about each one of us in the Virtual Bootcamp! You keep it interesting by changing things up here and there! Never boring!

Walter’s smooth transition from in-person sessions to virtual sessions was truly a lifesaver for me. His encouragement and caring come through in each session and each call. He truly made it his life’s work to help others improve and reach their full potential. I sincerely appreciate all that he does and his continued commitment. Thank you!

By Sarah and Harriett

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