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“How To Lose Weight, Reduce Body Fat, and Become the Healthiest Version of You Regardless of Fitness Level, Physical Limitations, or Age..."

Your Step-By-Step Guide to The Body Transformation Challenge!” 

Book Release Date January 2nd, 2025

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I started Walter’s Transformation Challenge in September 2021. Best decision ever! In the beginning of the program, I was wearing a size 18 in jeans, and XL/1X tops. I am now wearing size 10 jeans and medium tops. My total weight loss is 63 pounds. His Transformation Program taught me how to eat clean-tasty foods. In addition to following his meal plans, I participated in Walter’s virtual fitness classes at least six days a week. The program makes it easy to be consistent with exercise and healthy eating. Not only have I lost weight and body fat, but my abs are flatter and legs are leaner and stronger than ever before. It feels great! Thank you Walter!"

– Ramona S. - Waldorf, MD

Who is Transformation For?

Are you struggling with excess weight and feeling discouraged about achieving your optimal health? Do you yearn to embark on a transformative journey for your body and well-being, yet that nagging voice in your head insists you're "too old" or "too far gone”?

Do you believe it's too late to manage or prevent age-related health complications? Have previous attempts at staying fit or losing weight left you trapped in unhealthy habits or hindered your progress? Perhaps you're a busy professional who genuinely feels there's no time to incorporate exercise into your hectic schedule.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, then transformation is the answer you've been seeking.

This guide, “Transformation ”, unveils the secret formula for shedding weight, banishing fat, and turning your dream body into a living reality—no more excuses! “Transformation” delves into what it takes to synchronize the three factors that influence your health and fitness most: diet, exercise, and mindset. The goal? Achieving tangible and enduring change.

Why This Guide? Because it:

  • Features a transformation system that has been successfully tested over 20 years.
  • ​Serves as a step-by-step guide to the Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions (WLFS) Body Transformation Challenge.
  • ​Provides unparalleled motivation to kickstart your journey and maintain consistency—cornerstones of lasting change.
  • ​Guides you through overcoming the emotional and mental hurdles inherent in pursuing fitness goals.
  • ​Breaks down dieting, exposing the pitfalls of trying to outwork your diet, and offers actionable solutions.
  • ​Prioritizes long-lasting results—no quick fixes here.
  • ​Is effective for all ages and fitness levels, whether you're a young professional or a senior executive.

This book is your guide and blueprint for losing weight, reducing body fat, and becoming the healthiest version of yourself—regardless of your fitness level, physical limitations, or age.

About Your Transformation Coach

For 20 years, Fitness Coach Walter Lewis has helped thousands of clients lose weight, get toned, reduce body fat, and improve their health at an accelerated pace. Irrespective of age, physical limitations, or fitness level, Walter's transformation system motivates and inspires clients to become the healthiest version of themselves.

What Everyone Is Saying About the

“Transformation Program”

“Recently having retired from employment, it feels pretty awesome to focus on taking care of me 24/7. Walter’s Virtual Bootcamp and Transformation Coaching Program has enabled me to get a good running start!

Through the daily virtual classes and coaching sessions with Walter, I’m healthier, stronger and equipped with the confidence to embrace the coming new year and beyond. His Transformation Program helped me lose 30 pounds. Retirement thus far feels like an endless weekend! Thanks to Walter and his team of professionals, I’m at my best and most authentic self. ”

– Renee S. - Washington, DC

“I joined Walter’s virtual bootcamp and Transformation Program on April 1, 2022. I had been getting good results on Noom before I got bored, my progress ceased, and I started slipping backward. I needed something more! I set a new concrete goal for myself to lose extra weight finally and permanently.

Under the tutelage of Fitness Coach, Walter Lewis, I have become a brand new me. I enthusiastically jump up every morning @ 5 am ready for another bootcamp. It took a few weeks for my body to adjust to all the NEW exercise, but the intense, extra movement now keeps me on a constant high. Walter’s Transformation program. Thus far, I’ve lost 34 pounds., and down two dress sizes.
-Dr. Janet T. – Buffton, SC.

“I gained 54 pounds after having my third baby. I was overwhelmed with how to lose all that weight as I had no energy and was always too tired. I reached out to Walter for training. He took me through his transformation program. At the beginning of our training, I weighed in at 152 pounds and 30.8% bodyfat. Six months later, my weight dropped to 125 pounds and 20.8% bodyfat! I now have more energy than I had since my 20's. Thank you Walter!”

– Dr. Eleni B. -Arlington, VA

“Two years ago, my husband and I moved to Finland. I was afraid that Walter’s Virtual Training and Transformation Program wouldn’t work for me due to the 7-hour time difference. I was wrong. The Transformation Program was the perfect solution for me to get into the best shape of my life. Walter told me to just show up for the live zoom sessions and complete the transformation recordings. And I did consistently while in Finland. I’m happy to say I lost over 40 pounds in this program. Thank you, Walter!”

– Agatha M. - Finland

“I joined Walter’s Transformation Challenge in early 2021. The challenge keep me accountable and jumpstarted my weight loss. There were days I wanted to give up and days when stress (unhealthy) eating was at an all-time high! Walter simply guided me back to where I needed to be and helped me reprioritize my health. The program’s virtual workouts, weekly coaching calls, and meal plans helped me lose 20 pounds. I have seen changes in how my clothes fit because of the inches lost. I am glad to have found Walter Lewis’ Transformation Program when I did! 

– Maxine S. - Waldorf, MD

“The Transformation Program really transformed my body. In the beginning, my diet was very bad. I felt tired and did not have much energy. Walter provided a meal plan and modified challenging exercises to do. I am in the best shape of my life. I now walk at least 5 miles a day. And no longer feel winded walking up stairs. My energy level increased, and I developed a more positive attitude. I signed up for just 3 months with the program. WOW! I did not think I was going to get the results I received. My body is more toned. I lost 15 pounds and several sizes. I feel 30 years younger. Thank you, Walter!”

– Beverly K. - Seattle, WA

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Not That - Eat This

In this guide, you’ll find unhealthy breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner meals as well as a healthier alternative for each recipe. The unhealthy meals came from our 2-Month Walk Off the Pounds Challenge hosted in the Fall of 2023. Participants tracked their meals daily and these were the most popular unhealthy meals recorded among clients, therefore I thought it would be appropriate to provide healthy alternatives. You'll find comparisons for:

  • Calories
  • Fat 
  • Protein
  • Sodium


Cleanse Meal Plan - Vegetarian

This is a 10-day Cleansing Plan. This is a low-calorie plan that includes fruits, vegetables, and vegetarian dishes (according to your preferences), as well as protein shakes. The plan also includes:

  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Nutrition Facts 
  • Cooking Instructions
  • Eating Schedule


Cleanse Meal Plan - Protein Base  

This is a 10-day Cleansing Plan. This is a low-calorie plan that includes fruits, vegetables, and vegetarian dishes or lean protein dishes (according to your preferences), as well as protein shakes. The plan also includes:

  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Nutrition Facts 
  • Cooking Instructions
  • Eating Schedule

Here's Just Some Of What

You'll Find Inside Your Copy Of This Extraordinary New Book:

  • ​Overcoming Your Mental and Emotional Hurdles to Become the Healthiest Version of You 
  • ​How to Eat for Energy and Results
  • ​Why You Should Do a Digestive Cleanse
  • ​Foods That Cleanse Your Gut
  • ​Why You Should Follow a Meal Plan
  • ​85% Healthy Eating Rule​ 
  • ​Intermittent Fasting Schedule​
  • ​Transforming Your Body Through Resistance Training, Cardio, HITT, Stretching, Rest and Recovery

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  • “Transformation: The Book”(Value $59)​
  • FREE BONUS #1: “Not That - Eat This” – e-book (Value $29)​
  • ​FREE BONUS #2: “10-Day Cleanse Meal Plan- Vegan” – (Value $49)​
  • FREE BONUS #3: “28 Day Meal Plan"- Protein Base”
    (Value $49)​

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About The Author

Walter Lewis is an experienced fitness coach who has trained and coached over 10,000 individuals to achieve optimal health and fitness since 2005. His list of clients includes corporations, busy professionals, executives, CEOs, seniors, pageant competitors, adults, and celebrities.

In 2011, Walter helped Gaylord National Harbor Hotel become 2nd ranked Healthiest employer with his corporate bootcamp and yoga classes. He’s been the wellness and fitness coach for the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) from 2012 - 2020. Other corporate clients have included Mitre, Boeing, Vitamin Shoppe, Synchrony Financial, Westin Hotel, Events DC, Venable Law firm, The Institute for Workplace Equality, and many more.

In 2019, Walter published his second book “Momentum: How to Build Resilient Self-Control and Crush Your Health and Fitness Goals.” His third book “Transformation” is here.

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, Walter launched his Virtual Bootcamp and Coaching program. It has over 80 subscribing members.
His credentials include the following:
•Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification
-RRCA Certified Running coach
• National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT)
• American Council on Exercise Personal Training (ACE)
• Certified Wellness Coach (endorsed by College of Sports Medicine)
• BA, Business Administration from Averett University
• MS, Information Management from Marymount University

Number of clients trained: 10,000
Years in Business: 20
Average Weight Loss for Clients: 55 pounds
Average Body Fat Loss for Clients: 13.5%
Average Time Clients Spend with WLFS: 5 years


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